A guarantee for success.

Building on the success of its previous series the Appia and Appia II, the Appia Life is the result of continuous studying and researching of the Nuova Simonelli Team to improve the previous generations of this reliable Espresso Machine.

The Appia Life is simple and innovative. The Appia Life stands out, not only for its proven reliability but also for the modern style that makes it unique. It’s new design includes energy saving efforts to be sustainable and cost effective, without losing it performance.

Both Raised & Standard Group Heads are available. Available in Single, Double Group & Compact Variants. 

Suitable for : High volume locations, demanding professionals. 

Appia Life. The coffee machine for life | Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli presents the Appia Life coffee machine, born thanks to the success of the historical Appia. With its high productivity and performance, this model is appreciated by thousands of coffee shops worldwide and is now innovating.

Appia Life is made for those who want a trustworthy and straightforward machine while making a great drink in total confidence. It is the perfect coffee machine for large companies, coffee shop chains, or wherever there is a need to prepare an abundance of great coffee and to be cost-effective.



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