Sculptor 078 is the all-new electric table-top coffee grinder by Timemore.

  • Wielding a whopping 78mm ‘vortex knife’ burr set. Featuring 3 rows of teeth to refine the milling process ultimately reducing fines. This burr set has been in development for two years in partnership with Grindinglabs.
  • Patented ‘knock’ system to eject grinds from the outlet, reducing retention.
  • Sculptor 078 is designed to be used for the pour-over / drip / French press type of coarse grind, the burr design is optimised to reduce fines in this regime.
  • Adjustable RPM, a slower RPM has been shown to reduce fines and Sculptor 078 allows you to fine tune your grind speed to optimise your grind size distribution.
  • Magnetic grind cup and hopper lid for ease of use.

Incredibly Comfortable Rotary Knocker

It’s usually difficult to clean fines thoroughly from the grinder spout. We designed a rotary knocker to have fines cleaned effectively. You will just have to quick turn the knocker, and most of the fines will be shaken off.

Magnetically Aligned Container

Just place it on the base and the container will get aligned automatically to the centre smoothly and accurately.

Color available in Black and White



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