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"Education is the key to a great understanding of coffee". 



At Lighthouse Coffee Academy (LCA), our trainer has Authorised SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Trainers as well as certified Q Graders that have seen and traveled the world with vast experience in the local and international competition judging arena. 

Our experience is not only from a cup of coffee.

In fact, we are actively involved in green coffee processing, everything from cherry to cups. Grading the green quality, roasting, cupping and menu development.  


We offer SCA and also ACF (ASEAN Coffee Federation) courses. Exploring our Lighthouse Coffee Barista Programs to who is just about exploring into the coffee world.  


We also provide consulting services to cafe/restaurant owners from menu development to cafe management. 

Lighthouse Coffee Academy - Black.png

We had trained up many baristas and managers from the corporate company, together we build better coffee knowledge and employee skills. Contact our team now!

Meet Our Trainers


Victor Leong

Authorised SCA Trainer

  • Introduction To Coffee

  • Barista Skills

  • Brewing 

  • Roasting 

Authorised ACF Trainer

                SCA Trainer

                HRDF Trainer

Certified Q-Grader


Barista Competition Judge :

Malaysia Barista Championship

Malaysia Latte Art Championship 

Malaysia Brewers Cup Championship 

2010 to 2015

Singapore National Barista Championship

Singapore Latte Art 

2011 to 2014

Battle of Barista Championship  

VIP Judge of Best of Panama

Jury of Best of El Salvador


Connie Beh

SCA Qualification

  • Barista Skills Foundation

  • Barista Skills Intermediate


Certified Q-Grader

VIP Judge of Best Of Panama


Isaac Leong

SCA Qualification

  • Barista Skills Foundation 

  • Barista Skills Intermediate


Heidi Seow

Authorised SCA Trainer 

  • Introduction To Coffee 

  • Barista Skills 

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