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TIMEMORE(泰摩)is co-founded in 2012 by several coffee lovers who also love designing and R&D.


TimeMore specialise in designing and developing of original hand-made coffee equipment. TimeMore believes in the magic power of designing. Each product TimeMore designed is based on profession and aesthetic, which is to make each product with irreplaceable functions and aesthetics value. 

Currently, TIMEMORE is recognised by many professions and coffee lovers. Chestnut G1 won the Reddot Award of 2017, which shows the design power of Chinese coffee lovers and also inspires us to design revolutionary smart high-tech products. 2019 TimeMore is already distributing to many countries in the USA, EUROPE, RUSSIA, and most of the ASIA Countries.


We hope these products bring you some choices of lifestyle about beauty, coffee, or beautiful stories. 


Since 1921, The company has been dedicated to the design, production, and sales of heatproof glass since it was founded in 1921 and is the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory. 

We began our history as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware. In 1948, we expanded our production to household items, starting with the coffee syphon. We also began producing lenses for automative headlights in 1980. Today, we continue to make a variety of items, from microwave-safe kitchenware and coffee and tea implements, to aromatherapy and pet products.

Chemex Logo_edited.jpg

The Chemax Coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by Dr. Pter Schlumbohm PhD Made simple fro non-porous, borosilicate glass and fastened with wood collar and tie, it brews coffee with out any flavours of its own. On permanent display at MOMA  NY and other fine museums, it is truly a work of art. 

We are a family owned company with our headquarters located in Western Massachusetts. It is here that we manufacture the Chemax Coffeemakers, Chemax bonded filters, Handblown water kettle and Chemax accessories to distributed worldwide. 

Our mission is to provide superior coffee brewing equipment. The iconic Chemax has remained uncharged for 70 years and counting. We take pride in the quality of our product and customer service and look forward to providing both for years to come. 

Coffeemaker Glass Handle 3Cup.png
Coffeemaker Glass Handle 6cup.png
Coffeemaker Classic 3Cup.png
Coffeemaker Classic 6Cup.png
FP-2 Half Moon 3Cup Filters.jpg
Coffee Brush Nylon.png
Prefold Filters Squares 6Cup 2.jpg

Established in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan. KALITA JAPAN has expanded from their beginnings as a manufacturer of paper coffee filters, to a full-one manufacturer and distributor of professional  and domestic coffee preparation tools. A family-owned company now headquartered in Yokohama, KALITA JAPAN is now proud to offer their high-quality products to North America and Europe. 

KALITA JAPAN has been a proud sponsor of the SCAA Event, SCAA Symposium, SCAA Coffee of the Year program, the Barista Guild of America Camp Pull-A-Shot, the US Barista Championship Brewers Cup, and the World Brewers Cup competitions. 

Kalita 185 Wave Glass Dripper (Green).jp
Kalita 300-N Coffee Server (Plastic Hand
Kalita 185 Wave Ceramic Dripper (White).
Kalita 500-G Coffee Server (Glass Handle
Kalita 101 Ceramic Dripper (White).jpg
Kalita Wave Steel Kettle 1L (Wooden Hand
Kalita 101-CU Copper Dripper (Copper).jp
Kalita Narrow Spout Kettle 0.7L (Chrome)
Kalita 185 Wave SS Dripper.jpg
Kalita Narrow Spout Kettle 0.7L (Green).
Kalita FP-101 Brown Filter 100's.jpg
Kalita 185 Wave Brown Filter 50's.jpg
Kalita 185 Wave Style Dripper & Server.j
Kalita 155 Wave White Filter 100's.jpg
Kalita Copper Kettle 0.9L (Copper).jpg
reg-barber logo.jpeg

Reg Barber was inspired create a better coffee tamper after using a flimsy, plastic tamper. 

Today, he is known as the man who revolutionised the coffee tamper into a modern , must-have piece of equipment for every barista. His coffee journey began in 1995 when he decided to open his own cafe, and went to Seattle, Washington for trining. During his training, he was introduced to the existing tools for tamping coffee, but they were either poorly designed plastic tampers, or aluminium cylinders that were awkward and uncomfortable to use. Reg knew he could make a better tamper, and when he returned home to his workshop in Victoria, British Columbia he began designing what would become the modern tamper. 

kudu_regbarber2_slide (1)-1080x460_edite

Incasa is a renowned brand for producing quality cafe solutions in Australia. The brand offers ceramics, barista essentials and many more. Perfect for new cafe owners and barista alike.

Incafe Milk Pitcher (Assorted)
Incasa Cocoa Shaker SS (200ml _ 325ml)_e
Incasa S_S Canister (Large_Medium_Small)
Incafe Tamper 58mm (Color)_edited.jpg
Incafe Tamper S_S 58mm (Alu) _edited.jpg
Incasa Lemon _ Lime Squeezer (Yellow)_ed
Incasa Shot Measurement Glass 15_30_45ml
Incafe Thermometer (Large & Small)_edite
Incasa Angled Tamping Mat_edited.jpg

Cafetto s a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment. Cafetto proves itself on innovative and thoughtful solutions always keeping of customers' needs to ensure a clean machine every time.

Get the best from your equipment, keep it Cafetto Clean.

Cafessi Cleaning Cloth with Clip (Grey).
Cafessi Cleaning Cloth (Green).jpg
Cafessi Swivel Head Brush.jpg
Cafessi Head Cleaning Brush.png
Cafessi Cleaning Cloth (Blu).jpg
Grinder Cleaner 450g.jpg
Espresso Cleaner 500g_1kg.jpg
Cafessi Milk Frother Brush Set.jpg

Incasa is a renowned brand for producing quality cafe solutions in Australia. The brand offers ceramics, barista essentials and many more. Perfect for new cafe owners and barista alike.

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