Asian Coffee Certification (ACC) 亞洲咖啡認證

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The world coffee market continues to grow vigorously, and there are unlimited business opportunities for the expansion of output value. The third wave of coffee appeals to taste and health. In recent years, Taiwan has worked hard to build a coffee industry, forming a complete professional coffee supply chain from planting, processing, raw bean procurement, cupping, roasting, Italian, latte art, brewing and extraction to machine manufacturing, and has also cultivated world champions. Repeatedly won world competitions.

世界咖啡市場持續蓬勃成長,產值擴增商機無 限,第三波咖啡潮訴求口味及健康。臺灣近年努力打 造咖啡產業,從種植端、處理、生豆採購、杯測、烘 焙、義式、拉花、 沖煮萃取到機器製造,形成完整的咖啡專業供應鏈,也培養出世界冠軍好手,屢獲世界比賽佳績。

The “Asian Coffee Certification Center” is developed and established by the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism. It develops coffee-related teaching, courses, professional and innovative services in the certification system, and uses the certification system to confirm quality and then create economic value and increase revenue momentum. By deeply cultivating internationalization and localization, integrating industry characteristics, we are committed to cooperating with coffee industry cross-border resources, integrating many coffee experts from Taiwan who have won excellent results in the World Coffee Competition, and on November 28, 2017 with Indonesia Tarumanagara Foundation, Kluang Chung Hwa High School in Malaysia and Lighthouse Coffee Roastery & Academy, National University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City, Thailand, Bangkok University in Thailand, School of Coffee in Vietnam, and Japan Coffee Shop Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation on “Asian Coffee Certification” to jointly create an Asian coffee certification system and start a business Module, this cooperation project hopes to bring Asian coffee onto the world stage and create a good foundation for the value-added and upgrading of the Asian coffee industry.

「亞洲咖啡認證中心」由國立高雄餐旅大學發展建置,發展咖啡相關 之教學、課程、專業與創 新服務於認證系統,以認證系統確認品質進而 創造經濟價值,提高營收動能。藉由深耕國際化與在地化,融合產業特色,致力與咖啡業者跨界資源合作,整合臺灣眾多參加世界咖啡比賽榮 獲優異成績的咖啡達人,並於 2017 年 11 月 28 日與印尼 Tarumanagara Foundation、馬來西亞居鑾中華中學, 灯搭咖啡 Lighthouse Coffee Roastery & Academy, 越南胡志明市國家大學人文社會科 學大學、泰國曼谷大學、越南 School of coffee 及株式会社日本珈琲販売共同機構簽定「亞洲咖啡認證」合作備忘錄,共同開創亞洲咖啡認證系統與創業模組,此合作計畫希冀讓亞洲咖啡躍上世界舞台,並為亞洲咖啡產業的加值與升級共創良好的基底。

The center has complete teaching equipment and excellent teachers, and has established an Asian coffee certification system, provide students of catering related departments, or the general public who have a strong interest in coffee mixing, complete Coffee-related elementary courses, and then pass the written examination and technical examination to obtain the initial certification. The certification system will be of great help to the future workplace or university application. If you have entrepreneurial intentions or Professionals with practical experience can also obtain professional certification through advanced courses and entrepreneurial modules. And then refine your skills and start your own business.



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