Coffeega means coffee street, coffee house and coffee itself in Korean. It also means beginning of a sentence meaning coffee like ” Coffee is~”. 


This is a piece of Art. Fully fine bamboo and mouth blow high quality glass with unique design. The only cold drip maker allowed barista brew their cold drip by own wet infusion profiling system.


Coffeega company specialized in the manufacture cold water brew&drip coffee system calles “dutch coffee tool” or “cold drip coffee making tools”. We try to broaden products development reflecting various demands of coffee market.












Alley600 is designed from the natural paths created by people passing by or by water flowing. We emphasize Alley600 as environmental protection product made of bamboo.



600ml Korean Bamboo wood, Glass, Stainless, Silicone
Size : 246 x 246 x 678 (mm) / 4.8kg


*This is to certify that the design is registered on the register of the Korean intellectual property office*


[RIDGE 3.2]

Ridge means the path between peaks.

When making plans, the main aim is built up first then specific goals are planned. To achieve these goals, an important thing is not to forget the first main aim. Reaching to small goals and these goals are connected such as a mountain chain. It means that we realize the great aim which creates great energy. Ridge3.2 is a path which navigates the right way between goals for Coffeega.


3200ml Korean Bamboo, Glass, Stainless, Silicon, Ceramic
Size : 348 x 348 x 971(mm) / 9kg


*This is to certify that the design is registered on the register of the korean intellectual property office*