As a coffee roaster, we roast from seasonal specialty coffee and also a premium range of coffee blends for our clients and all coffee lover, now you can get freshly roasted coffee from our store and others market place platform too.
A wide range of coffee can be chosen base on your preference, from filter coffee, espresso-based, or even convenience pack of dripper bag coffee.
New Crops in the HOUSE 

The Ethiopia, most commonly claimed as the birthplace of coffee, administrative region is divided into four grades, from large to small in the order of Region, Zone, Woreda, Kebele. Most coffee beans are named according to this rule. The Guji-Shakisso is located in the southeast of the well-known producing area of Yirgacheffe. It belongs to the Oromia Region→Guji Zone→Shakisso woreda in the division of administrative regions.


Dasaya's original language in Ethiopia is Dawala Samayawi, which means purple wind chimes. Again, Somboo means Pearl in Ethiopian Amharic language, lots of coffee country categorise their coffee by size, the bigger the size, higher in price, but as coffee lover, we all know that the size doesn’t represent the flavour, sometimes the smaller size coffee with high denst will get even more impressive.


From this Ethiopia, you will get a violet floral fragrance while grind, and tastes blueberries, tangerine blossom on first sip, sweet and lingering after taste.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere Saona Washed G1


National Ethiopia (Ethiopia) SNNPR area Gedio (Gedeo District) Yirgacheffe Kochere 1,900 – 2,100 meters above sea level Variety Ethiopian Guyou (Heirloom) The annual rainfall is about 1,500-2,000 mm Treatment method: Traditional fermentation washing, African drying Saona's job in Ethiopia is called Salaqo Nafasa, Salaqo is the river valley, Nafasa is the wind, and together it means the valley of the wind.


Unforgettable flavor in the cup. The main flavors of lemon, bergamot, and jasmine are the unique flavors quenched by the cold high-altitude valley, and various elegant fruits and floral rhymes, such as peach, gardenia, and other sweet and delicate tones, It's soothing in the empty valley, very delicious. 


Logan Blend


Logan Blend is our signature premium blend used in Lighthouse Coffee Bar located in Bishop St Georgetown Penang from 2011 to 2013. Many of our regular customers knew about the blend and many of them are getting the freshly roasted coffee to brew at home.

Blend from 4 types of coffee, Brail Ipanname Natural Yellow Bourbon, Colombia Cauca Supremo, Guatemala Huehue Tenengo, and Ethiopia Natural.

We found that the blend is really balance and good for milk-based coffee and black too. 


【DripProSable】Specialty COMBO Pack 

Ethiopia Dasaya Natural process
Colombia Valle Cauca Washed Process.

🌟Now you can Brew like Pro ! 🌟
Lighthouse Coffee collaborated with @roastedlycom SG by promoting the new DripProSable filter to brew your coffee at home and office like Pro !
There is 10 pack of ground coffee and DripProSable Filter paper. 

Brew at your home, office, and traveling is always for your convenience.  


We are sure you will love the concept and brewing experience.

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