A family company created in 1912, a premium French brand, an innovative flavour solutions creator, a trusted partner for hospitality professionals all over the world: this is MONIN.

At the heart of MONIN are people: open-minded, gourmet, passionate, curious, open to new ideas, always pushing the boundaries, seeking to endlessly inspire.

Quality, creativity and innovation: these three words are representative of our way of thinking and working. Faithful to our French heritage, our headquarters are in Bourges, where the company was founded. We never stop creating and this is why our portfolio is unrivalled: 6 ranges including syrups, fruit mixes, sauces, frappes, liqueurs and smoothies, more than 150 flavours and 19 different formats.

MONIN is more than a drinks solution, it’s a way of living, an experience based on our centenary expertise, a brand respectful of the environment. It’s about authenticity and gathering people, using only the best natural ingredients in the most exciting and creative way.

What’s our purpose?
To inspire the craft.

Our vision?
To create the beverages of today and tomorrow, with a continued carefulness for the Earth.

Our mission?
To be the trusted ally that customers can always count on.

Our experience?
Tasteful & playful at our core.

Le Sirop

With more than 120 flavours, Le Sirop de MONIN is the largest range in the syrup market meeting the requirements and tastes of bar and coffee professionals. It offers endless possibilities: from cocktails and hot beverages, as well as culinary applications.

Le Concentré

Le Concentré de MONIN is less sweet than the syrup range. This reduced sugary rate varies depending on the flavours of the range, that are built on 3 basis: tea, citrus or coffee. The main objective of these concentrates is to reproduced a fresh ingredient, allowing less manipulation and as much authenticity.

Le Fruit

Made with a minimum of 50% fruit*, Le Fruit de MONIN promises fresh, yearround flavour in your cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, iced teas and culinary creations.

*Except Le Fruit de MONIN Coconut and Yuzu

La Sauce

Made with the finest ingredients, La Sauce de MONIN brings an authentic and memorable taste. Its creamy, perfectly balanced taste is perfect to complement cold and hot beverages as well as desserts applications.

Le Frappé

Le Frappé de MONIN is specially designed to complement the entire MONIN flavourings range to create a perfectly balanced drink. Incredibly easy to use, it’s ideal for unlimited indulgent applications in a few seconds.


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