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TimeMore Black Mirror Scale



Mode : Single Mode 

Measure : Total Water 

Support : WiFi / Bluetooth 

Nett Weight : Body 355g 

Capacity : Max. 2kg

Accessories : Body, Silicon Pad, Cable, User's Manual 



Mode : Dual Mode/ Single Mode 

Measure : Total Water and Extracted Coffee

Support : WiFi/ Bluetooth 

Nett Weight : Body 438g, Bracket 110g

Capacity : Bottom Scale 2kg, Top Scale 1kg

Accessories : Body, Bracket, Silicon Pad, Cable, User's Manual


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  • NOTE!

    1. Place it on a flat and stable surface
    2. It's not recommeded to use it while you are charging it. 
    3. When it is powered off, it can not be powered on until you charge it for 10 min. 
    4. The height of the bracket and the adjustable angle can not be over the lomitation. Or it will be damaged. 
    5. Only the top surface of the panel is waterproof while the socket of the bracket and the charging port are not. DO NOT soak the whole base in any liquid. 
    6. DO NOT uninstall it due to high precision of construction. 
    7. Warranty is 1 year. Any reasons of teardown or human error are not included. 
    8. The device is oonly for pour-over instaed of trade settlement or other situations.