Colombia Castillo Diofanoz Ruiz Natural Carbonic Specialty Coffee Bean




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Colombia Quindio Castillo Natural Carbonic Maceration – Diofanoz Ruiz

Region : Buenavist, Quindio

Altitude : 1,500 – 1,650masl

Variety : Castillo

Soil: Volcanic ash

Producer: Diofanor Ruiz

🔥Tasting Notes : Prunes, Strawberry, Orange Chocolate and Raisins, White Grapes

🔥Roast Level : Medium Roast

🔥 Process : Natural Carbonic Maceration (Natural Carbonic Maceration)


This batch is from a small coffee farmer named “Diofano”, which belongs to the Colombian Di Weisha Manor. In his estate, 100% of the varieties grown are “Castillo”. In the past few years, Mr. Diofano has devoted himself to sun-treated and honey-treated green coffee beans, picking all-red ripe fruits, and drying them in the sun on the trellis. The effect is remarkable.

The carbon dioxide dipping method comes from the unpeeled coffee cherries are placed in an oxygen-free environment filled with carbon dioxide gas.

In order to obtain the required energy, the cells will force the intracellular fermentation to directly convert glucose into alcohol and carbon dioxide. , Energy, and depending on the temperature, the immersion process may last for 1-3 weeks, and finally through the sun treatment, which produces a special fermented fruit wine flavor.


Recommended Brew at below 90C water as we found the coffee taste better at 88C.

18gm ground coffee to 280ml 20gm ground coffee to 310ml

* If you like less intensity or low strength : Grind Coarse or lower down water temp 88C*

⭕️ Suitable for Filter Drip, Aeropress, French Press … People who love fruity coffee 🙂

⭕️ Packed in aluminium foil coffee bag with valve


✴️Freshly Roasted

✴️Jakim Halal Certified

✴️MESTi certified

✴️Wholesale – Contact us for more details ☕️🙌🏻


Roasting is our passion, we promise our roasted beans are all freshly roasted.

Coffee consumption for espresso roast profiles is recommended to rest the coffee for a minimum of 10 days before you consume and espresso roast will be good to be served within 2 months for better quality.

As for Filter Coffee, the best period of time will take 7-30 days.

Additionally, the expired date of our very own roasted coffee can hold up to 12 months.



Coffee has four enemies; heat, light, air, and moisture.

Storing coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements will allow for the coffee to lose its flavor rapidly. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container.

We suggest either a glass, metal, or ceramic, coffee should not be stored in the freezer as coffee beans are porous and will also absorb unwanted flavors from your freezer.


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