MONIN Almond Syrup 700ml

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The almond is the cultivated seed of the almond tree, revered since biblical times for its bittersweet natural essence and its fragrant pink and white flowers. Cloudy white with a pure natural bitter almond pit smeel and taste. Le Sirop de MONIN Almond is delicate with a slight sweetness, evoking the comforting aroma of marzipan and nougat. Made with natural almond flavouring and pure beetroot sugar, Le Sirop de MONIN Almond is the authentic ingredient to add a touch of luxury to your drink creations. 


gin fizz, margaritas, maï taï, cappuccinos, lattes, sodas


MONIN Almond Syrup is an unmissable ingredient in the bartending industry. It is a key ingredient in the famous Mai Tai and is used in most tiki-style cocktails. Ideal in a cocktail, it also works really well in hot drinks thanks to its sweetness and subtle bitter almond flavour, as well as in cold non-alcoholic drinks like iced teas, sodas and lemonades. Try it in a Almond Cold Brew Latte with almond milk for an infinitely delectable drink.


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