MONIN Apple Pie Syrup 700ml

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Originating in England during the Middle Ages, apple pie is made with either a puff or shortcrust pastry which is then filled with sliced apples. You can have it hot or cold, on its own or served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. This popular dessert reminds all of us of the sweet smell of childhood, filled with nostalgia. 

Rediscover all the generosity apples and cinnamon have to offer in MONIN Apple Pie syrup, a flavour which will elevate all of your creations, from hot chocolates to frappes and smoothies. 


hot chocolates, frappes, mint juleps, royal fizz toddys


With its velvety apple, cinnamon and pastry crust flavours, MONIN Apple Pie Syrup will remind you of the delicate smell of freshly baked apple pie, hot from the oven. This decadent flavour will be a true asset to add to your hot and cold coffee-based drinks, as well as to your milkshakes and smoothies. In cocktails, it’s best to pair it with dark spirits like calvados or bourbon. I love using it to add an original twist to my Mint Julep – 15 ml of MONIN Apple Pie syrup is enough to create a whole new dimension to the drink.


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