MONIN Blackberry Syrup 700ml

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This small yet plump, juicy berry, with its sweet and sour flavour, is originally from Asia. Rarely farmed in France, luckily it can easily be found in the wild for our enjoyment. Nowadays the blackberry is usually used in jams and desserts. Le Sirop de MONIN Blackberry, with notes of matured fruit and an intense violet colour will elevate all of your alcoholic and non-alcoholic creations.


tea, iced tea, smoothie, sour


Incorporate all of the intensity and strength of the blackberry in your beverages. MONIN Blackberry syrup will enchant your creations with the intensity of black fruits. Easy to pair with all types of drinks, from hot tea to signature cocktails. Personally, I love it in a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. It elevates the decadence and intensity of the drink. MONIN Blackberry syrup pairs wonderfully with other red and black fruits, mint, ginger, gin, vodka, whisky and brandy.


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