MONIN Bubble Gum Syrup 700ml

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Chewing gum was born in the US in 1928, but it wasn’t until the First World War that it became popularized in Europe by Americans. Made by mixing gum with various food flavourings, you can find it in a variety of shapes and flavours. It was in France in 1958 that the famous pink bubble-gum flavoured chewing gum was created.

Elevate your hot and cold creations with the sweet touch of Le Sirop de MONIN Bubble Gum and rediscover this childhood flavour! Add a twist to your lemonades, Frappés, or your strawberry Martinis!


frappé, smoothie, sour, martini


Originally invented in the USA in 1928, bubble gum has been a firm favourite with children and adults ever since. MONIN Bubble Gum syrup captures the fun, nostalgic essence of this unique flavor, taking inspiration from famous bubble gum brands. It’s perfect for Bubble Gum Daiquiris and other fun cocktail twists, and a bubble gum milkshake is a must try.


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