MONIN Sweet & Sour Concentrate 1L

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Made with Silician lemons, sugar and lime juice, this concentrate is an essential product for your bar. This ready-to-use ingredient balances drinks with a sweet and sour flavour, and when shaken brings a subtle foamy texture to your creations. 

Le Concentré de MONIN Sweet and Sour is a convenient product allowing you to make all your classic cocktails in no time at all.


cocktails, mocktails, iced teas, lemonades


MONIN Sweet & Sour is an essential product to prepare classic cocktails, especially for high volume bars. It combines acidity with the freshness of lemon and lime with the right amount of sugar for a perfect sweet & sour balance, and it will add a nice foam into your shaken cocktails. Prepare Sours in no time may it be with bourbon, pisco or amaretto, and be the master of daiquiris, Margaritas and Gin Fizzes! You can also use it to make summer refreshments like lemonades, sodas, or to bring a slight acidity and freshness into iced teas.


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