Roasting with Passion

Our ROASTING journey started 2009 by sourcing for fresh green coffee around the globe, where we take pride in the quality of our green coffee and also the results of our roasts. We had our coffee from Latin America, Africa, and also coffee in ASEAN countries.


Farmers Freind Project is a friendship project build between Lighthouse and Farmers. We make friends with coffee producer and farmers to share more ideas on green coffee processing and supports each other in term of R&D knowledge which impacts on quality of green coffees. We have fresh and quality green beans from our farmers friend yearly and we do the direct trade as well.



As the specialty coffee scene blooms, we also take pride in serving and roasting some of the best coffees on the world. We have participated in the Best of Panama and also Best of El Salvador auction bids in recent years to provide the best possible coffee.

We roast the coffee weekly, contact us and partner us for your cafes and wholesale needs.   







Partner us let us craft a unique coffee experience together.


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