Roasting with Passion

The passion sparks and shines from the inner heart

We csource our coffee across the globe, where we take the pride in the quality of our coffee and he result from our roasts. With more than 10 years experience in perfecting roast profiles and we hope you experience the journey from our signature espresso based to a seasonal specialty coffee and our community Farmer Friend Project. 

We take our coffee seriously to ensure our roasting production and quality control up to the HALAL and MeSTI certification standard. We ensure our coffee is always freshly roast. 

In Lighthouse, we believe coffee is an inspiration experience and innovation to every cup you hold on your hand. 


 As a coffee roaster, we roast from seasonal specialty coffee and also a premium range of coffee blends for our clients and all coffee lover, now you can get freshly roasted coffee from our store and others markets place platform too. 

A wide range coffee can be chosen base on your preference, from filter coffee, espresso-based, or even convenience pack of dripperbag coffee.

Signature Blend

Red Rooster

Single Origin

For Filter

For espresso

Let's Brew with Coffee Dripper Bag

Private Label and Custom Blend your coffee profiles.

We Do private label and blending for our customer with minimum order.

We already supported many local chain and restaurant on the custom blend for the uniqueness of the own brand, with our roaster experiences we want your business to grow and we want the consistency on your cups.


Lighthouse Coffee Roastery & Academy