Victoria Arduino

About Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino was born in the early ‘900s during a period of great cultural, social, and industrial transformation, where the fundamental features are to break tradition and promote progress.

The idea that inspired the creation of the machine was the steam engine train and the concept of making a coffee in the fastest way possible.

In 1922 Victoria Arduino invested in advertising. One of the most successful investments was the celebrated manifest of the painter Leonetto Cappiello that portrays an elegant traveler that leans off a running train while preparing an espresso with the Victoria Arduino. Cappiello became one of the most appreciated painters, designers, and poster artists and a mastermind of commercial manifests. In this particular manifest manifest, it seams like the coffee was being prepared at high speed. The combined elegance of the client and the machine indicated the modern way of life. His style was liked so much that soon enough many retailers and companies requested Cappiello’s manifests.  The Victoria Arduino manifest obtained a increadible commercial success and constitutes as of today one of the essential pieces of the graphic history worldwide.


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