Pressure variable 1 grouphead espresso machine

As romantic aroma of coffee 

El Rocio was considering

If the machine can be romantic with aroma of coffee. 

El Rocio is keep trying to develop machine which can touch user's sensitivity. 

By barista's meticulous sight

El Rocio was thinking

If we were baristas, what kind of machine do we want?

El Rocio is focusing to develop machine which can draw barista's best ability by El Rocio machine.

In addition, El Rocio is aiming to the best efficiency by smallest investment. 


Like parents' warm hearted 


El Rocio was thinking 


When our machines operate fine by made before release, it feels like when the parents see their kid's first toddling. 

El Rocio is manufacturing all machines carefully as parents who are marrying off their daughters.

478D x 400W x 350H 33kg

Power Consumption : 2,200W

Boiler : Steam 1.8L / Brew 0.6L

Water Bucket Size : 2.4L

Pump : Vibration Pump 

Grouphead Size : 58mm

486D x 270W x 412H 20kg

Power Consumption : 1,500W

Boiler : 1.8L

Two Pump Types

- Vibration : 2.4L Water Bucket

- Rotary : Direct connect to water

Grouphead : E-61 58mm

530D x 630W x 488H 54kg

Power Consumption : 2,400W

Boiler Size : 9L (HX Boiler)

Pump : Rotary Pump

Grouphead Size : E-61 58mm

PID Control

600D x 735W x 500H 90kg

Power Consumption : 5,300W

Boiler Size : Brew 1L 

                   Steam 9L

Pump : Rotary Pump

Grouphead Size : 58mm

Preinfusion setting

PID Control

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