Lighthouse shines since 2007, we supporting F&B business solutions, consult and share the latest market the trend
with our client.​
We believe our experience in the industry helps us establish, maintaining, and strengthen our support to all our
customers and partners.  
Today we aim to not only a solutions company but also collaboration online business partners by sharing more
business opportunities and growing our mission together.​
Let’s join us as a dealership and together we grow in brighter business solutions :      
  • Wholesales / Dealership      
  • Private label and Corporate Accounts.      
  • Business solution products      
  • Machines, barista accessories, and equipment      
  • Online business partner      
  • Customized barista training and certifications (HRDF training provider)
For more information about wholesales or dealership feel free to contact us at inquiry@lighthouse-coffee.com.my

Tel  : 604  384 2728

Email : inquiry@lighthouse-coffee.com.my

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